Spray tan at pamper evening?


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Jun 9, 2009
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Has anyone done these?
I've previously done shellac at these events but I would love to do tanning at this particular one as I know a couple of people did at the last one.
Last time I was so busy I didn't get chance to go and see how the were working with this, ie privacy for client, ensuring client had preped correctly etc?
So I'm just wondering for anyone who has done this how do you go about making sure clients know how to prepare the skin for their tan etc and also contra indications etc.
Ps they offer a private room for tanning so this helps a little.
Hi I have done a pamper evening I was giving a little room but no one had a spray tan but I did get work from it! On the advertising I stated if u would like one on the night contact me for pre tan instructions
Oh ok great thanks that's a good idea!x

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