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Jul 16, 2010
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Ok so i'm trying to make my own client cards and just had a few questions.

After searching on here and the internet I think I have everything I need to ask:
Personal details
Do you have any problems with skin e.g. psoriasis eczema acne or sensitive skin?
Are your pregnant?
Do you have any allergies?
Are you on any medication?
Have you used moisturiser, perfume or shaved your legs within 24 hours?
and then at the bottom have a disclaimer and sign and date section.

Have i missed anything out?

Also what do you do about patch testing when mobile? When I had my training i'm sure I got taught that it's up to the client if they want a patch test or not but they have to come to you. What does everyone else do?

Another thing I was wondering was if you have a repeat client that say comes every fortnight, do you get them to fill out a whole new form? Because by the end of the year you would have hundreds.
Or is it better to have another sheet on the back with the date, the DHA% they are having for reference, and then just get them to sign and agree all the previous information is still true and that they understand the aftercare advise.

Sorry about all the questions but I dont remember consultation cards being discussed in my training (was probably just nerves :rolleyes:).
Once a client has filled in a card there is no need for them to fill in another, if anything changes you can just add it onto their card.
You need to know if they are diabetic as this can adversely affect the tan and pregnancy within their first trimester as this is the period it is advised that you shouldn't carry out a tan.
Also, ask whether they have exfoliated.
Always get them to sign the card and yes have a space on the back where you note down the DHA % for future reference.

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