Spray tan same day as fish body exfoliation


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Apr 7, 2009
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I have just had a client call to querey if she can have a spray tan the same day she is having a full body submersion in a garra rufa (?) fish tank.
My first thought is that it would be great prep for her skin, does anyone know of any reason she shouldnt?
Going by what I have been taught I usually make sure clients exfoliate the night before the spray tan although some clients dont.
generally i do too but occasionally clients will have done on the same day and have had no problems.
As long as hair removal is not done on the day and it is a good few hours since bathing/ ex foliating for the skins natural ph balance to go back to normal I tell them the morning is fine- better then not at all.
I'm mostly asking in case theres something i've not considered regarding the fish.:hug:
will she shower off after the fish bath? Surely there'd be some sort of aquatic chemical in the tank?
I havent got a clue whats in it, but i think i should tell her to just in case.
I would say no, i dont think they would be any issue with aquatic chemicals because their should not be any in a healthy fish tank enviroment, but i do know that the Garra Rufa excrete an enzyme onto the skin, that softens the skin to make it easy for them to remove the dead cells, and also soften and make the new skin supple, i would guess that this would be like appying a moisturiser on the day of the tan.
The logic says to me that so long as she has showered - and honestly who wouldn't take a shower after coming out of a fish tank - and doesn't apply any moisturisers then you could do the tan.

Interesting to see how many different views there will be to this question.

Jacqui xx
I would say that to! As long as she has a shower n gives herself a good scrub down after! (I think id be geting the disinfectant out if it was me!) anything that the fish leave behind on the skin should surly wash off?? X

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