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Apr 2, 2012
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Im doing my spray tan course on the 28th, exited! And I'm getting my little machine next week, a little maximist lite seeing as I'm just starting out:)

My question is what is the best, most profitable spray tan brand? What brings in returning customers?

I'm so exited, sorry if there is 10000 threads similar to this.
I'd you can message me with any pricing tips I would be very grateful!!

This is an impossible question to answer as it totally depends on your client base. Most profitable short-term is not the same as most-profitable long-term, i.e. cheap solutions won't guarantee repeat business and unless you can set yourself apart from the competition, there's nothing to stop people undercutting you with their silly £10 tan offers and stealing your business.

You have to think about what kind of client you are targetting before choosing your solution or solutions, which in turn you must base upon the needs of your area. "If you build it they will come" doesn't always work in spray tanning.

Feel free to message me your ideas and I can give you some back, as unbiased as I can be!!
Okay, something that I can do for around £15 with a decent profit.
I just need an idea of good tan solution brands? I am wanting to try out a few different brands but not really willing to pay £xx for tan if it's crap x
The market would mainly be younger ladies looking for a tan for a night out. I stay in Dundee, a city not known for its class. Girls here want to be as dark as possible.
But I want to offer a nicer natural tan for more sophisticated ladies x
I've just switched to fresh indulgence and must say loving it. The Caribbean range smells lush and has a lovely guide colour and the electric tan is perfect in this heat as they can was it off after 2,4,6 hours and go straight out in the evening without worrying about streaking (I could of done with this in the uk).

The solution is reasonably priced too which is a plus

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