Spray tan training wanted - Sheffield/South Yorkshire


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May 10, 2012
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Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I am looking for spray tan training, would prefer to train on Tantricks or similar standard product as long the training is recognised by the insurers.

If anyone does the training in my local area please could you let me know...thanks in advance x :D

Hi Karen I was trained in March by Nouvatan in Wakefield so only a short distance! The girl was called Nicola and she trains on a Monday from memory. I'm not the most experienced when it comes to tanning obviously but I'm loving Nouvatan so would say it's worth the enquiry and they are fully accredited. Also they deduct the cost of training from their kit if you purchase from them afterwards which I did.
Im in dronfield and trained in nouvatan aswell but went near nottingham was just under an hour away but depends whether ur north or south of the city was fabulous cant recommend nouvatan enough!!
im the tantrick trainer for your area if you want to pm me and we can sort somthing out. I do one to one training and can come to you for the training
I personally don't use Nouvatan or have anything to do with the company, but I do know that Nicola in Yorkshire who I believes trains for them is a really good trainer. I think her user name on here is enhance or something like that. Nouvatan would put you in touch anyway I am sure.
i'm nicola the nouvatan trainer for yorkshire, you can contact me on here by pm or via nouvatan if you would like more information.

I do training at my own salon/academy or at yours if that helps.


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