Spray tanning extractor fan alternatives?


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Empress Patel

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Nov 17, 2013
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Hey In a few weeks time I willl be working in a salon spray tanning in their beauty room, the problem is there is no extractor vent and because I am currently mobile, havent thought about getting an extractor fan! Can anyone help with any alternatives? The room has no windows either :( I cant afford an extractor fan :(
Hi I really would recommend in investing in a proper tanning extractor fan. You can get them for about £200+ and worth it. I used to rent a beauty room that had a separate tanning room and they had installed an cooker hood extractor fan but this really did nothing at all. Now I have opened my own salon and have a freestanding tanning extractor fan bought from sienna x. This keeps the overspray for spreading all over the room. I don't have windows in my tan room now either, without proper extractor fan you will probably find tan lands everywhere and you will be forever cleaning like I used to be.
If you call your tanning supplier they may do you a deal, if you purchase an extractor fan. I did with sienna and they offered me the extractor and so much tanning solution for an offer price. If you don't ask you don't get :) or try eBay!
Thanks for the advice guys...I am just starting out in the industry and am finding I am spending so much money on products/ equipment etc :( I need some more Sienna solution and Prep spray so will contact them this week and ask about an extractor fan xx
I know how it feels when you seem to be spending all on equipment and products however I truly believe having all the right kit and set up allows you to provide a better and professional service, all the little things clients notice and make you a cut above the rest. I have been with sienna since I started my business 3 years ago and can highly recommend they are always helpful and friendly! Good luck with your business!!

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