Spray tanning technique? Help please.


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Jan 30, 2010
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In the salon I work at just now we use hi shi spray tan, which you are meant to spray from left to right. Ive previously trained using fake bake which was up and down.

I find spraying left to right takes more time and uses a lot more of the solution. Would it be okay to spray up and down? Or do certain solutions need to be sprayed side to side? Any help would be appreciated :)

The brand you use will make no difference to if you are spraying up & down or left to right, the results will be the same.

I'm shocked to hear a solution brand telling you thay you need to spray a certain way - they usually just supply you with the solution & leave you to continue spraying with whatever routine you have worked out to be best for yourself.

You are free to choose spraying however you want so long as the results are good then there should be no reason for anyone to question this.
usually the way that you spray is dictated by the setting of your gun and not by the solution you are using,

if the nozzle at the front if the 2 bits that stick out are vertical then you spray vertically if they are horizontal then you spray that way, hope this makes sense!!
Hi hun,
You can spray either way, it doesn't matter which solution you are using, use the technique which you find works for you best and goes on the easiest :) X
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