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Jan 19, 2009
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I now want to do spray tanning.

I have contacted a couple of trainers one of which does the organic spray tanning.

To all you spray tan professionals out there, which is the best company to train with. I was thinking Carlton Institute and have done training with them before but they are so last season and I want to train where I get more than just a bit of leg to practise on.
nouvatan have a trainer based in hampshire, there solution is also organic and always has been, the colour is beautiful :lol:
On their course you take a model with you or they provide one and you get to do at least one full spray tan,sometimes 2 if there are others on the course, its fully guild accredited so you can get your insurance from the certificate you recieve, you also recieve a tan yourself from the trainer, give dawn a call you can also look at nouvatan on facebook www.nouvatan.co.uk
You could try Tantrick who also do the organic solutions as well as the new organic rapid solution. They do one to one training if you wish.
Thank you both for your replies, yes, I have contacted Tantrick and a very helpful lady has got back to me. The kit seems rather expensive though, but perhaps thats the norm.

I will look at the other website later, thank you.

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