Spray Tanning...worry nightmare!


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Aug 7, 2010
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After spending the evening giving lots of people a lovely golden glow I am now sitting here once again worrying!!! It happens every time, I know i'm good at spraying, it's my favourite treatment to do, I love my soloution and I don't get any complaints???? I just worry that once they leave it'll all go wrong!
I give them all the good after care advice, tell them to ring me if their unsure but I know that once they leave theres nothing that I can do....
If they wash their hands and they streak, if they dont rinse it off properly and they have runs or they don't keep an eye on their hands and feet and they develop far too much, well that's it, what can I do????
Of course it'd be me that gave them a dodgy tan though wouldn't it lol...
Anyway, i'm not moaning about my clients, I love em I just think it's so silly that I stress so much about my spray tans and wondered if anyone else got like this or am I just a bit of a oddball heehe.....

Glad I'm not the only who feels that way. :confused: I worry to some degree but also re-assure myself that I did do a great job and it is up to the client to care for their tan after they leave the shop. I sometimes do a curtiousy call the next day just to make sure they are happy. I only once had someone say that they weren't 'dark' enough so I just had them come back in and I re-sprayed her.
I am the same even though I know it is perfectly fine.

I do always text the next day if they are a new client just to check it has turned out OK and to get feedback is always good.
Why are you questioning yourselves ladies. If your training has been good and you are following your trainers advice, just chill and do your job as well as you know you are doing. Please don't be tempted to call your clients the day after as it may instill a little doubt on their side as to whether you are confident or not. As a trainer myself I can only say to you that YOU ARE THE PROFESSIONAL, trust in your abiliities and STOP doubting yourselves as this will only eat away at your confidence and also put doubt in your clients' mind.
Oh try not to worry, its easily done but just be confident in what you do and believe in yourself. Definatley a text around the next day is a good idea...
Thanks guy's....
at least i'm not the only one! haha.....mad isn't it...we all know were good but still worry!
I've thought about calling or texting the next day but never have, I always make it clear to clients that they are more than welcome to call me anytime for advice if their concerned.
Yes, I agree, we all need to be more confident....but i'm sure saying and doing are two different things! lol

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