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Dec 31, 2011
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I'm at hairdressers and they asked me to do a deal for them to have beauty treatments by me.

What are your arrangements? Any advice please?

Thank you.

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Hi :)
It's solely down to you, what you want to do, just don't Cut yourself short.
I pay my therapist or deduct it from her room rent, I try not encourage "freebies" between the girls as sometimes it can get messy if one is getting a better deal than the other.
If you want to offer them a discount set it at a % off rate for all - just don't leave yourself out if pocket
It may be worth offering discounted treatments at the last minuet, when you don't have a client booked in as you don't want to be turning away full paying clients.
Yes, I was thinking more % than anything else.
Both great advice geeks, thank you xxx
I used to do a sort of treatment swap in my last place. Say i wanted curly blow before a night out and normal price to clients was £15, i would then offer hairdresser treatments i would normally charge £15 for. The way we saw it, the money id payed for a full price blow dry, she then spent on for example a full price spray tan. On the rare occasion 1 of us didnt want anything in return, we would just charge for products. I suppose if there was more than 1 hairdresser might not work out aswell as it did for us. Probably havent helped much at all have i haha but hth xx

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At the salon I work at when they have rented a room staff would get 25% off as would the self employed would from our services-so its fair. The owner would pay or discount it from their rent, or give a treatment worth the same value...
We would get freebies if there was a new product they wanted to try out but that was only occasionally & if both was free at the same time (ie cancellation/last minute /not something we requested) xx

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