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Oct 23, 2010
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Iv got a busy salon with 3 staff members (1 self employed) an apprentice and one part time member of staff.

The lady that I took on part time in February was offered a 6 month contract on the basis that I would offer her a full time job if she completed a liquid & powder course.

She has done the course but has no interest in working towards her portfolio and becoming qualified (she paid for the course herself and it's her responsibility to complete her portfolio) I tried getting models for her in the salon but I didn't make any money from the treatments.

I would really like to take her own as she's busy but on average she only makes me about £50 profit a week (which with extra products & saudries I probably don't make any)

Iv told her that her job is dependant on completing her course and that she needs to do nails on anyone that will let her, she says nobody wants them?!

So.....would you?...

Either let her know that her contract won't be extended after 6 months.

That she can only stay part time

Look at getting her qualified in something else (she's only basis level 3)...having said that I honestly don't know what else I would train her in, I don't feel like there's anything that customers are calling out for. We offer practically everything.

Honest opinions appreciated x
Hiya, what I would do was say to keep her part time but the busier her books get the chance of extra days may arise. That's what I would do. Maybe then she will get a rocket in her bum to get those appointments in to get a full time contract. Is she a good worker or can she not be bothered? X
Is she Young? Would she benefit from mentoring? I review new starters after one month, three months, six months and then every six months after that. I also have quick power chats every now and then focusing on an area of development.

I also pay a small commission based on the value of treatments and retail sales which means that everyone takes an interest in salon income, and I point out that a small upsell is therefore the equivalent of a tip.

I'd sit down with her and ask how she anticipates developing her skills and confidence. Speed doesn't come overnight and A full set takes a while in the initial training period which is demanding on both client and therapist. I'd focus on adding tips/extensions to just one-three nails for a client. Lots of people come for a mani with one broken or fragile nail and it's the easiest up sell in the world to ask if they want a tear supported or a short nail to match the other long ones.

Try and develop a nurturing and supportive relationship so that your part-timer knows you're on her side and want the best for her. Positive reinforcement is key, so praise, praise, praise - notice and comment on any improvement, Track performance so you can do this. Good luckxx
Have you set her achievable targets? You need to see that she is motivated and committed to helping grow your business and her skills. It's a team effort :)
Hi. Yes I'm fully aware it's a team effort and I have thrown time and money in trying to help her out but it seems pointless. I really want to see her grow and become part of the team but she is quiet happy just plodding by. When I try to talk to her about it she knows she needs to make more of an effort but that's it. I don't want to keep spending money end time educating her when she isn't interested. She's really good at retailing products but we don't have a massive range that it doesn't make that much of a difference xx
Sounds like you've tried everything, hope you get it sorted [emoji4]
I would get rid! from what you are saying there are more cons than pro's to this girls attitude, I wouldn't want anyone less than passionate about their job to be working for my business, she seems like she's fobbing you off by saying she needs to do more but not actually showing you and proving to you, as her boss she should have more respect and work harder. sometimes liking somebody is not a good enough reason to keep them on. its YOUR business and you've spent enough time and money on this girl by the sounds of it when there are plenty more hardworking girls out there who are dying for a job in this industry and would appreciate the opportunities that you have so kindly offered this what seems ungrateful girl.

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