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Aug 28, 2011
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Hi geeks I'm not a beauty pro I'ma hair one. I did complete my gnvq level 2 in beauty 10 years ago but decide to work as a hairdresser only, so i would say i don't know anything about beauty.

I've had a few clients asking if I've thought of doing spray tan. Truth is i have but like i said i don't feel i know enough about beauty to offer this.

I'm really not a fan of one day courses so please don't suggest one of these. I don't just want to know how to spray tan on but all the ins and outs to in with it.

Should i go back to college and re do my level 2?
Its up to you really. You will find that most tanning courses are one day courses. The majority of this time is spent on A&P, contra indications etc and the chemistry of the solution and exactly how it reacts with the skin to do its job and how to carry out a consultation.

You will then be more than likely be shown how to spray a model then given the opportunity to spray a model yourself.

It is then down to you after you get your certificate and you have your kit to practice on friends and family until you are happy to start charging for the service.

Like I say its up to you what you are comfortable with doing really.

Hope that helps

I did beauty therapy for 2 years at coll 10 years ago and not touched beauty since. Then about 6 months ago I decided to train in Spray Tanning and is the best thing I've done! One day courses are plenty, you really don't need any more training as it's simply not that hard. All it takes is a lot of common sense and practice.

Good luck!

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