Stickers to go in the salon window?


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alice palace

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May 7, 2007
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cardiff, south wales
Hi everyone, i havent been on for a while as i have been sooooooooo busy.

Anyway, i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i get the window stickers or signs to go in the salon window to show clients what products you use as i cant find them anywhere, have they got a special name?

i need one for creative, backscratchers and calgel.

thank you so much as i really neeed the help!
They're called window decals .... ask your local distributors if they have any which you can either purchase or they will provide free of charge.
Most decent product companies will provide window stickers which show that you use their products. I see that you are Creative trained and so should be able to obtain one from your local one stop shop or Leeds.

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