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Apr 28, 2003
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My brush when doing L&P seems to be sticking to product whilst patting and stray hairs come apart from the brush making application difficult.
Has anyone else experienced this and know why it happens?
And if there is a way to avoid it happening?
My brush doesn`t seem contaminated
Sounds like a new brush is required if the hairs are droping out. or do you mean still attached but sticking out.... you know like Ken Dodds mullit
Geeg posted a while ago about putting bristles into boiling water and then reshapping with lint free pad - that might help?
thanks for replies guys but the hairs aren`t strayed at all before using and the hairs are not coming out, just wanting to stay with the product whilst applying it
could it be the ratio ?
Fab Freak said:
could it be the ratio ?
That's what I was thinking, when it happens to me I notice I am working a bit too wet. Could it be that Debs?
hello debs,
marco picked me up on this as i have or had it also, my brush is flat when i start but then oops they start splitting, he said i was pressing too hard, he is very very gentle when patting the product, so it could be that.
Premature hair loss can usually happen if either the crimp has loosened or if hairs have been 'plucked' out.
How old is the brush and have you pulled any hair out?
nooooooooo its not hair loss and I hardly have to press at all, its a new brush too.
The brush hairs just seem to stick to the product and separate from brush as I take brush away to put again. I don`t seem to be explaining myself very easily
The Nail Geek said:
Premature hair loss can usually happen if either the crimp has loosened or if hairs have been 'plucked' out.
Hi there Sam,
Could you please have a word with Herman, I think that's whats happening to him, he is as bald as a coot lol:eek: or maybe he has been using my tweezers lol
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