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squeeky macgeeky
Aug 28, 2003
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hi everyone....does anybody have a good pic with the new stiletto shape nails that they can post....i've only ever seen one picture so far and it was very small so i couldnt really see it that well :(

the picture that i seen had some rhinestone nail art encased in the overlay.....can you only do that with gel or can it be done with acrylic too?....i've seen a few pics with that and i think it looks fab :)

hiya stanleyann
the stiletto shape has been a favourite of the creative team for a while now.
look at most of their images on the packageing.
the shape that you will see is a slightly softer version of the stiletto.
i'm sure sam must have some piccies of her nails, we'll ask her to put them up to show you :D
lol liza xx
i have been wondering about these stiletto shaped nails too.and what they look like . :huh: then low and behold professional nails mag comes through my door sat morning ,had a quick flick through and on page 23 is a nail art design step by step and the shape of the nail is only bliming stiletto.its kinda almond shaped but more pointed. i think i kinda like it .but my own nails are a bit short to do it on :( .(if i had a scnner i would scan the pic but i aint sorry)
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