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Feb 10, 2003
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S Yorkshire
has anyone any good ideas for storing their brushes? i used to use a brush which came with a plastic case that the brush was held in suspension inside so it was protected but didn't come into contact with any thing either.
at the moment i am gently wrapping the brush in a lint free wrap, which protects from dust etc but offers no protection from other items knocking it or ruffling the wrap and bristles. also, sometimes the wrap unrolls! any suggestions greatly appreciated. ps i like to put it away in a draw rather than leaving it around on the workstation. thanks steph x
what u need is worm coffin :D creative nails do them they cost about £4 and are well worth it
sounds umm.... interesting. thamks ill have to get one.
Yeah I have one of those and it is really good but are you allowed to store 2 brushes in it or just the one? I thought maybe if you put them in top and tail then it would be okay? :oops:
No problem with storing 2 brushes top to tail.

The brush holder is a long black box ... lovingly referred to by the Geek (who else) as the 'worm coffin'!! I do believe that in the product catalogue (for normal people) it is referred to as the Creative Brush Holder! :rolleyes:
now i see why is called a worm coffin. thanks
I have checked my Creative Product Guide in the USA and I don't seem to see a brush holder. I use the Masters Series brush that came in a cardboard box with a clear lid that slides over the entire carboard part. Would that be it? I have kept mine, however, I would like something that looks a little more professional looking and the worm coffin sounds like the ticket!
Hi Rhonda,

For years I recieved Nails Magazine from the USA and was so frustrated that I could never buy any of the products in it (as I was living in the UK at the time).

It must be frustrating to you in the US when we tell you that some of the products we talk about are not available in stores in the US. But I'm sure if you email the Geek he will tell the price inc. p&p and be able to send you one.

The brush holder is a product that we have made in the UK and logo'd with the Creative logo (with Creative's permission). It is not expensive and it is light so it may not be too much to send one to you if you like.
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