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Nov 24, 2008
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I'm just wondering if people have had clients for mani/pedi who have had a stroke? I'm assuming you would need to get a doctors letter to say client would be safe to have treatments. The only prob also is client sometimes can not unclench hand so for mani would be quite difficult. Any advise would be greatly appreciated [emoji2]
I have a lady for Shellac who has had a stroke. She can't unclench her fist. I use a travel shampoo bottle and we put it in the palm of her hand. Her hand doesn't fit in the lamp though so I have to hold the lamp at an angle with her nails at the entrance to the lamp. They do cure with uv. Led wouldn't be much good I guess xx
We have a few regular clients for a mani who have suffered a stroke. Both have one hand clenched, one worse than the other.

We paint the nails on the bad hand then use something to support it and help keep it open, like a towel to drape the hand over. It usually works okay.

Vic x
Thank you girls. Just needed abit of reassurance that it's ok to carry out treatment. Did you get a doctors letter too?
You wouldn't need one for just painting. However if I was to do any massage I would want to know what the doctor recommends xx
I've not requested a doctor's note for my clients x
Unless the client has no feeling (numbness) in certain areas then it's improvising the make your client feel comfortable, both my grandad & dad have had strokes, obviously not had gel polish on but I got the ok to gently massage hands & arms. X

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