Struggling to get models for pre-bonded hair extensions, qualified for a month


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Oct 25, 2011
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Hi geeklets, I trained with terry dunn in prebonded hair extensions. Finding it difficult to get models. I also do micro rings, tried offers as well with models such as free lash tint. I'm also a fully qualified beauty therapist. Trying to start up a business, going really slow feeling a bit down any advice x
I feel for you I'm a beauty therapist too. I was going suggest both things you just said by combining your beauty with extensions.
I made a facebook page and also advertise on gumtree.
it might be the fact that your new that puts people off from trying you, just as they may feel there is more chance of things going wrong.
I'm not saying for a sec that this is true intact I find newly qualified don't cut corners etc

try just making an advert putting a few flyers in your local area and keep reaching out, once you have done a couple full heads word if mouth is best advert!

good luck!
I have done quite a few client with micro ring method, find business is slow, find that there's a lot of people not qualified advertising on gumtree and charging prices that are really low for example £100 for extensions, wonder what hair they are using, I have a few regular client, not enough for monthly wage though. I've got loads of flyers, need to hand them out not sure where, colleges, and shopping centres. I'm good at my job I also do my best. People can't afford the minmum of £200 for extensions, all my prices include a free aftercare kit. X

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