Struggling to get weaving needle through top of weave


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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

Does anyone else have this problem when sewing the ends of the weave together? It takes me quite a while and hurts my fingers trying to push it through! Does anyone have any tips?! x
Get a thimble!
LOL i would have no idea what to do even then!

You just put it over your thumb so the back of the needle doesn't stab your thumb!
What shape needle you use I use the u shape and find those easier than straight or j shape .. Just a thought x
I think you just get used to it. I have horrible hands now :( burns from my heat tool, callus type things from using pliers every day. Curved needle is definitely the best x
I used curved and it can still hurt sometimes. Try pulling it from the other side but the thimble will really protect your thumb and allow you to push it though.
I use the curved one too. Its just trying to get it through the weft which is hard. The thumb that I am pushing it with is the one that hurts because i cant get it through. I'm wondering if it isn't sharp enough.
I have to admit I do find some suppliers wefts easier to get through than others my hands are awful too .
Have you tried curved locking mosquito forecpts?

I know there a bit medical looking, but they clamp really well of this type of needle as this not far off suture needles and makes it easier to put the needle through.

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