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Jun 21, 2004
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Claire and I have been doing L&P as a hobby for years, When I finally made the decision to start up my business, working from home, after taking a two day course to refresh my skills, business is booming, but it is still nerve racking every time I see a client, but today I bumped into a lady who's nails I did over a week ago, and they looked gorgeous and not one nail had started to lift, she was delighted and so was I, but best of all, before she had her nails done I asked her if she wanted french or natural, she opted for the natural as she was only going to paint them, and guess what, she said today she hasnt painted them once as they look so realistic, a friend of her's even asked her what she was using to help them grow, so she confessed and at 5.00pm today that friend phoned me and booked an appointment.

The last year has been particulary hard as I've just gone through a traumatic divorce and I have four very young children, but today I was walking on air.

So to anyone thinking of taking the plunge from hobby to business, I can highly recommend it.


Claire x
well done Claire,

its great to hear success stories as it gives the rest of us a push to realy make a go of it. I've only been doing this since Jabuary, qualified in March and i'm continueing in my training to just make sure i know as much as possible. I think the hardest thing is bulding the client base. I have a few regular clients and it suits me as i have a 3yr old.

You are an inspiraion to me to keep going. Well done you.
hi and welcome to the site, you will love it here , it is very addictive lol , you must be really pleased for yourself well done , love dee
Firstly welcome to the site Claire, you'll love it. It's very addictive!! And WELL DONE! Must be a great feeling to see your clients nails a week later and they still look fantastic. I passed my four day foundation course with Creative a few months ago so I'm still learning so to speak. Can't wait for my business to take off.

Keep up the good work Claire and if you need any advice, ask on here. It's full of very experienced and very nice people.....

Take care
Hi there and thanks, I know more than anyone I suppose how hard it is to do any thing with young children, there a joy and a pain all rolled into one aren't they.

As regards building a client base I learn't along time ago for every fantastic set on nails you do, that lady will tell probably five people about you, so keep doing good work, but this theory also has a downside, for every set of nails you do that dont come up to scratch, you will never see client again and she will tell everyone who wants to listen how dreadful it was, so I take my time with consultation, prep and application, and I do a set in about 2.5 hours, I dont let anyone leave until I'm absolutely convinced she is happy and her nails are to die for, I also guarantee my nails for the first three days against lifting, pinging off etc, so far nobody has used this, I am averaging four clients a week, so it obviously works.


Claire x
Congratulations on your new business Claire .... and long may you walk on air, lol!
I'ts when we all walk on water, then we have truly made it lol

claire x
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