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Apr 2, 2006
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Hi all, I was wondering if all colour gels are good for doing gel art? or if there are particular types of gel that are meant for this purpose or are easier to work with when creating designs with gel?

Thanks in advance!
Basically alls Color Gels can be used for Nail Art. It just depend what you plan to do.
I love the Color Gels of the Company Catherine. But Cal Gel color Gels supposed to be good as well ( I don't use it so I just can tell you what I have heard)
I like to do flames etc with Color Gel that I can apply very thin but in the same time it covers all up. On this way the color Gel don't has any effects of side lines. If you have to apply a lot of Color Gel on the Nail to make it cover , most of the time it will ruined the shape of the nail

So my advise: look for gel thats thin but also covering
you should check out the range at LeChat UK - Nail Care Products

they have excellent colour gels in all shades, but also there are the element gels which you can do 3d work with. and you'll probably like the science colour changing gels and the glitter gels too.
Akzentz has a line called Options Gel Art. Eight awesome, rich colors.You can mix them to get the colot that you want and you can also soak them off.
Thanks ladies.. so I can't really use gel polish (i have several Akzentz Options soak off gel polish), I need to get a product range for gel art, which is thin yet strong in color? :eek:

What about IBD or Christrio?
i really like the pronails colour gels for nail art. they do a really wide range of colours, you can also get sets of five mini colour gels which are great!xx

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