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Sep 17, 2013
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Has anyone used sunkissed spray tan solution? I got a text from them the other day saying there selling there 1L bottles for £27.99 and 20% off first order, I use suntana and I buy 1L bottles for £34.99. I was tempted by the sunkissed but want to know if anyone else has used it, and there thoughts on it.
yes i have, a friend of mine who sprays me quite regularly (so nothing wrong with her technique)bought a bottle and asked me to try it for her.had a 12% thursday,tbh its orable quite orange looking and now after 3 days really patchy.didnt like the smell either,but having said that ive tried worse.i use nouvatan and celebrity secrets they are very reasonably priced and you get free delivery. why do you wont to change from suntana their solution is really good and well known x
Oh it's not that I want to change, I just wanted to know people's opinions on sunkissed, suntana is great and I get fab reviews using it, it's just more curiosity really.
ask them to send a sample,most suppliers only charge a small amount for delivery and you can make your own mind up then without wasting your money if you dont like it xxx

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