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Jul 24, 2003
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Devon England

Thanks for all your welcome messages - I am now plucking up the courage to ask some questions!!!!
I recently sent away for some catalogues to get an idea of what products there are on the market. Unfortunately, as I am starting college and am not yet qualified, I cannot order anything to have a 'play with' as most will not (understandably) sell to peeps that are not licensed professionals.
I am going to be training in gel and acrylics with Creative products and was wondering if anyone knew of anything worth buying (that I can get hold of) before September, or shall I just leave well alone and wait for my course????

new-to-nails said:

I am going to be training in gel and acrylics with Creative products and was wondering if anyone knew of anything worth buying (that I can get hold of) before September, or shall I just leave well alone and wait for my course????Dawn

Hang on to your purse Dawn - as the course goes on, you will see what you do and don't need - better to save your £sssss for when you're ready to go out and start your business and only buy what is absolutely essential. If you are training with Creative, they will give you a list of additional items you will need apart from your course kits I think.

Trust me, I've been there....bought every conceivable thing I could get my hands on and for the most part, ended up replacing everything over and over as I thought I had happened upon something far better.

You're onto a good start anyhows, getting your training with Creative...had I been let loose in the One Stop Nail Shop from day 1, I doubt I would be sitting here surrounded by a mountain of stock that I will never ever get to because, for the most part, I don't like most of it...but them I am an obsessive compulsive and never happier than when I'm flexing that visa :rolleyes:.

Then again, don't forget Excel coming up in will see just about everything and anything you could ever possibly want or need all under one roof and lots of offers and deals - personally, if I were you, I'd try hang on until then....and then go WILD if you really feel the urge to plurge!!! I know I will be.....
Thanks for the advice Paola....I just can't wait to get started!!!!!!

I was wondering....if the college use and promote only Creative you think that it will be someone from Creative that teaches us that specific part of the course? Or do I have to actually ring Creative to be trained by them...and if it better to be trained by them from the off...or stick with college?

Confused :oops:
new-to-nails said:
Thanks for the advice Paola....I just can't wait to get started!!!!!!

I was wondering....if the college use and promote only Creative you think that it will be someone from Creative that teaches us that specific part of the course? Or do I have to actually ring Creative to be trained by them...and if it better to be trained by them from the off...or stick with college?

Confused :oops:

Wow...lucky you, training in Creative at a college? I have no idea how that works, but there are Creative guys on here who will be able to advise on that. If you're already booked and ready to go, may as well stick with it I reckon. I was so unaware of all the different company brands but had I known about this board and more, I would definitely have given my choices a lot more consideration but, as I've said before, I was very unlucky with my college - the training standards and products were so poor. I initially thought it would work out less expensive but in the event, ended up spending far more because I was unhappy with the products used, moved on to others and then again and again until suddenly I became enlightened and found this haven and the world of Creative!!

I should image the standards set for the college using Creative are pretty high and would hope they would be on a par with their own training establishments and of course you'll have plenty of back up and support on here.

I really wish you lots of luck and hope you thoroughly enjoy your course!
hiya newtonails :D
my name is liza smith & i am the creative educator 4 kent.
i have the creative academy above my salon, & that is where students in my area come 4 privately funded training, either for 1-1 or small groups of no more than 8 students.
however, creative were approached by canterbury college to use their products in their nail courses; because of the high standards that creative expect of their educators, it was arranged that i would embark on a series of classes with the tutors to bring their skill levels upto masters level.
i have spent a total of 6 days with them on an almost 1-1 basis.
the training that u receive at college will differ in a number of ways, mainly that the class sizes are likely 2 b about 30 students as opposed to between 1 & 8., also, even if your college is lucky enough to use creative, the tutors will not b creative ambassadors. this means that after completeing your college course, u might want 2 have some 1-1 with your nearest creative academy to enable u to work towards masters level.
whether u decide to attend your college course or choose to do a 4-day foundation class at your creative academy is going to b your decision, mayb someone else on the board will offer some advice, i know what i would do, but im possibly a bit biased :? :!:
if u need any more info i will try to help
lol liza xx
Well the size of the class is different at a college as Liza said............
30 students V's a maximum of 8 Students at a Creative academy......
less pupils, less individual attention................

Creative is the best company around for training, they have won Educator of the year at Olympia..........

Their Ambassadors are the cream of the Nail tuition world............
Your College Tutor, a great Technician, uses Creative great.............

But........and there is always a but...............
She hasn't gone through all the training the Creative Educators have, BOOT CAMP they can spot problem areas before you can say........get your brush out lol............
Now sit down have a cuppa and think...........
how much the course is costing you and then how much will you get in education out of that... :?: :?: :?: ........
I don't' think that there will be much difference in price.............
my opinion is.... 8) ..... if you are getting creative trained, go to the best Teacher for this, one that knows the products inside out, knows all the tricks, and that has to be a Creative Ambassador...................
Just my thought
love Ruth xxxxxxx
No and I am not a creative Ambassador.................
Just a Nail Tech that is a Creative Fan

Love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
hi ya new to nails!
go creative hun i have made the mistake of not going creative because unfortunatly i didn't have any advice on which training was the best to go for (it was pre p.c days and i hadn't yet found this site :( ) oooh how i wish i had! none the less i use creative products (solar oil spa manicure and pedicure files and buffers you name it if i can buy it i will i just love their products!)
if only i had known then what i know now i know who i would go with!! (does any of that make sense :D ) give college a miss hun and go creative! (nope i dont work for creative either!) just love em!
nickki jonesx :D
Now I am in a predicament!!! I went for college as it fitted in around my family!! The course is nine months. I take it the Creative Foundation course is done all in one go - so to speak - over a period of a few days? Don't suppose there are any academies in Devon that you know of?
I will phone Creative tomorrow first thing.... :?
Hiya dawn :D

Your nearest creative educator is Katrina Kneebone, & she is based in Plymouth!

She is lovely. :D

If you phone the education dept. 2moro on 0113 2750433, they will give you all the info u need.

Just a few things to help clarify your choice;

Once youve completed your foundation course, u will have your nail trainer (fake hand used as a training aid :? ),to continue to improve your technique without having to wait around for willing victims(sorry models!!)
This comes in with the price of your kit.
If you go to college, you will either have to purchase your own nail trainer
(aprox. £150) or wait around 4 others to be available. with young children this can b awkward.

After 4-day found. you will then do the next step class, which is usually 1 month later. this 1-day class prepares you for dealings with clients & gives you feedback on your progression.

Depending on the amount of time & money available to you, you can then spend the rest of the year working towards your masters, which is the advanced qualification from creative.

When you consider that when you finish a college course, you would more than likely ( i can only go by my own xperience here with students that ive encountered) have to start again at about 1/2 way through the creative ladder.

Give creative a ring 2moro & they will chat 2 u, & send u booklet with details of all the courses.

Let us know your decision, & whatever you choose you will still get support from us all :D

lol liza xx
creative educator for kent
Thanx Liza for all the info!
I already phoned Creative at about 9.15am (on a Sunday duh!) and left all my details for someone to call me back. Then I phoned Good ole Mum and asked her if she would travel down 200 miles to look after kids for 4 days! Answer : Yes :D

So it would seem, my mind is already made up. I would rather take advice from several people who already know the mistakes and pitfalls ahead than make them for myself and wish I had listened!

Plymouth is about 45 minutes away from me, so no problem there.
Thanx again for your is much appreciated.
no problem dawn :D

im sure you wont regret your choice, arent mums great :D

keep us updated

lol liza xx
... but this is a genuine question, ok? :D

In view of the changes that are to come next year or thereabouts... Is the Creative training NVQ / VTCT / "whatever will be required" compatible?
I am not talking about standards here, I am talking about potential "legal" requirements that might be put in place in a near future?? :?
Because you might go through all the best private tuition courses giving you diplomas X, Y and Z and a wealth of education and information.... if THEM the Higher Beings decide you need diploma ABC in order to trade then you will still have to go for that one as well in the end... :shock:
Hi Dawn,
I`m with Nats on this one, if by next year you need an NVQ or VTCT then surely going to college is the way to go, the fact that you will be using Creative products to learn with is a bonus. If at the end of that you feel as a lot of us did that we hadn`t learn enough then you could go to creative for a 1-2-1 and learn some more.
You could well be one of the lucky ones and come out of college with a good education, after all, it has been known.
When you speak to Creative, ask them if they can take you through to NVQ unit 19, if they do then you don`t need college.
Sorry to put a spanner in the works when you`ve made a decision already but by next year it will be a legal requirement so you need to find out.
Well girls I had a thought.........

About the NVQ..............
Well in order to get your NVQ you will have to be competent in various aspects of Nail Enhancements, health and saftey, product knowledge and so on........

My thought is............
Go Creative.............
do all the classes...........
do your Masters
then do your NVQ assessments, you will be assest on your skill and then can brush up on them whilst taking the NVQ.................

There is a link to NVQ's on the the k-sa-ra Website.....................

just a thought, but please correct me if I am wrong, cause thats the route I would take....................
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Thanx for all your advice Ladies!!

I have received info from the college this morning. The one course I was going to be doing has been split into 3 separate courses so this may become an advantage. They have JUST changed it ready for Sept. and decided they had better let everyone know!!!!
I now have a choice!!!!

1. Certificate in Nail Treatments - VTCT Certificate in Nail Treatments Level 2

2. Acrylic Nail Technician Course - Unit 19 of NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy

3. Nail Arts Treatment Certificate - Certificate in Nail Treatment (Nail Art)

It has suddenly become a lot more expensive as well.....(if I do all three!)
They also overlap each other now, so I wouldn't be able to do all three!!!Can't be in 2 places at once!
Also...the course info that I have received doesn't say anything about using Creative products at all, and on my old info they were very keen to stress their use of it!

Think I need to start making some phone calls!!!!
Roll on 9am! :rolleyes:
IF and I do stress IF ... all these new rules and regulations come in to effect AND IF all nail technicians have to get 'official accreditation' in order to continue to carry out their work ..... everyone will be in the same boat -newbie or oldie.

The nail technician who has been in business for one year, six months or 10 years .... they will all have to upgrade their 'qualification' Right?
SO ... anyone doing a course now or years ago, will have to prove at some point that they know their business.

No one can take a working technician out of her job and say "you're not qualified even if you have been working for 10 years successfully." NO they will have to put in place a time limit to get your 'official' qualification and they will have to take into account WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW ... There is no way you will have to go back to school if you can prove you know your stuff.

The best thing everyone can do is to start saving 'evidence' of what you have accomplished thus far in your career, such as:

Photographs of before and after shots of your work
Letters of appreciation from clients praising your excellent work
Client treatment cards or record cards
Any and all written assessments you have already done to prove that you have already successfully passed courses.
photocopies of certificates gained
awards earned through competitions

Start today to compile a dossier on you and your work. When you finally have to get the new 'official' qualification you will be 90% of the way there, whether you are just newly trained or an oldie (like me)!! So choose whichever course is best for you because it will all even out in the end. All Creative course material can count towards your gaining an official qualification.
after reading this (and my post new topic this morning vtct v's creative)
i think im going to do the creative course.(...where is the nearest to launton, bicester, oxfordshire anyone?)
someone above - sorry who ever it was- said the legislation will be likely to be in next year. Geeg has said there is no date and the powers that be have been threatening for 5 years to bring in some. she also said we will all be inb the same boat if legislation does come in, so whilst i wholly agree and support the bringing in of rules and regulations for nail techs.. i think i will wait and do a creative course i have heard so many bad stories about college courses..i myself did 6 months of a beauty therapy nvq II, all we did for 6 weeks was leg waxing and more leg waxing. ideally i would like to do both (dont think hubby will go for that!!!)
so creative it is...if i can find one close enough...i hate travelling....
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