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Apr 25, 2012
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Hi Geeks just thought i'd start a post to see how many of you dont get full support from either family or friends? And have to believe in yourself with either no one supporting you or a select few?

If so how do you deal with them?

Not having people there to support you as a newbie is quite hard when your trying to practice and be better and more confident to go to the public my mum and one friend are the only people who support me, i feel like the people who dont are either jelous or jist think im stupid for trying to Be more successful in life? :s

i work full time in an office on good money for what i do, but it bores me to death, so sorry for trying to have a sideline to come home to and actually enjoy and do on my weekends too rather than watching crappy tv or spendin miney unnessasarily on clothes i dont need... I am in my early 20s and have started saving for a mortgage, beauty i something im interested in and i want people to have the happiness i have when i get my nails done. Just want to make clients happy. I wish my closest would support me.

Rant over, am i the only one?
No, your not alone and please don't let anyone put you off achieving your dream. Put your stubborn hat on and prove to them that you can do it without them. It won't be long till they see how good you are that they'll be coming to you looking for treatments. Me personally I had a boyfirend who did support me in something that was really important to I saw the light and got rid of him, best decision I ever made :D

No me 2! well my husband is soooo supportive the only thing he wont let me do is practice on him (hes 6ft 6 and used to be an American Football player at uni lol he said it wouldnt go with his "look") my parents live just over a hour away and whilst they are supportive they wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor etc I went and did my law degree bummed around at afew office jobs then thought sod it Im gonna do what makes me happy and although they were abit shocked they are happy now but coz of the distance I cant practice on them either but my friends here I practice on at cost value until I feel ready to unleash myself on the public!

Never Give up Always Believe in Yourself and Work Hard and Your dreams will follow!

Thanks so much for your replies i really try and not let it get me down and it does make me strive to be successful so that i can laugh at them. I just need more confidence. Maybe before i start charging on public will post up some pics on here for honest opinions SG members are amazing x
Jealously is a horrible thing and since I opened my salon I have lost many so called friends due to it!
Also some close family members tried to persuade me not to start my own business, all I can say is keep your head up and just go for it, let their criticisms become your motivation.
Best of luck xxx
Such a shame isnt it.... :( How fantastic congrats on the openin of your salon xx
I used to get "you've got a degree, now you're just masssging people" from some friends .. not any more, they are no longer my friends. You're the one living your life, if you're not hurting anyone else you can live it as you please :)
I know how you feel. Some of my family tried to talk me out of doing beauty at college but I knew why I wanted an went for it. Now I am qualified I feel that some friends don't take I seriously like it's just me playing at beauty. These are the people who call me up to do treatments on them but then disregard what I have done as if it's nothing and don't seem to catch on to the fact that I studied hard for 3 years to gain my qualifications. One of my 'friends' actually goes to a girl I went to college with for some treatments and then comes back to me and goes on about how well her room in her sisters hairdressers is doing. I'm really glad this girl is doing well but it's a bit of a kick in the teeth when my skills are forgotten about.

Think we all just have to stick together and support each other lol.
Hey Beautyy123 totally agree support lacking from those closest :( if it was not for SG I truly believe I would be in tears:sad: and tatters by now as my confidence changes from day to day all my friends and family just want freebies :irked:

They seem to forget this is my job xx

Thank goodness for SG :Love:
And yes we have got brains I've got a degree though useless to me beauty is my passion but so many people think its just that, but we know it's so much more than that x
Its a shame people cant take it seriously. When i was at school i wanted to drop two gcses and do college two days a week to do beauty but the school basically said that was ony allowed if you were a bit thck, so that held me back, then when i finished school i had a hard time with y friends and didnt want to go college to do beaity becquse i didnt want to have to deal with the bitchyness cause all girls are like it at 16. So i went straight into office work and now 5 years on i finally know what i want and afford to train for things individually. I regreat not going to college a bit cause im not going to be able to afford massage for a good couple of years. I dont want to be stuck in an office all my life!! Thanks for your replies i really appreciate it xx us geeks stick together

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