Swapping colour brand from Wella to Matrix, help!


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Jan 29, 2016
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Our salon is changing from wella to matrix mainly because wella is so costly now and there tubes done go far enough. We have training in 3 weeks but the colour is going next week. Can somone please answer a few questions?
1. How much of the 50 extra coverage do you need to add to the extra colours to make sure u get that 100% coverage?
2. Do the colours come up darker than wella?
3. Same rule for the peroxides? Like depositing tone and lifting ect.
4. Recommendations on highlift? (they are confusing us at the moment)
5. Any specific colours to stay away from?

Thanks in advance
I converted from wella to matrix but ended up going back to wella, right the blended naturals cover 100% white on there own no need to add base etc you add 50/50 of base in the reflect collection if covering gray, colours go really dark when wet a 8 looks like a 5 when wet so make sure to tell customers! But they then come pretty true to tuft, when depositing with matrix use 3% instead of 6% hilifts are really powerful and make sure to give them full developing time! Stay away from to eh CopperMochas orange and warm!!

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