T100 spray gun leaking, spares?


Hello we have a T100 spray gun, its leaking down the back of the needle, its really cleaned well. Do you know who do spares for these? or a gun.

Its years out of warranty, and I don't know the supplier.

What is the cost of a new needle? and the cost of a gun?

Thank you


I'm not sure which gun it is. Does it have a nut that the needle goes through? If it does try tightening the nut as I know other guns have had similiar problems and this usually does the trick :)


Yes that's the one, it's the black gun that can with the t100 same as the t200 I think, I've done that, it's 8 years old, so does anyone know needle or gun costs.?


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it will be the gland seal thats perished they were made from leather in the t200. i did have spares and i repaired lots of them for other geeks but i used the last ones up over 12 months ago try Sienna they still stock the old t200 and they may have gland seals ? machines have moved on greatly since you bought your t200 you can buy a much better machine for half the price you would of paid for the t200 7 or 8 years ago