taking bleached highlights lighter


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Mar 23, 2010
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none of your business
ive got a client who had been colouring their her at home with around a base 5 box colour for years

and then she came to me and said she wanted some highlights, i did a strand test and the condition was ok so i proceeded,

although i explained that i could only give her a med copper result and then tone it down to a caramel look, this went well and looked realy nice

but now she wants them lighter, the condition is ok

so i guess my dilemma is do i try and make them lighter? but this would mean putting the bleach through to the ends and im not sure if this is the right thing to do

help what would u do?

thanks xx
I'd maybe do a strand test on the already bleached pieces and then see the results, you can always show the client what kind of condition the hair will be in, if she insists on going lighter. What volume of peroxide will you be using?

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