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Jan 12, 2003
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...what is the best way of photographing nails? What sort of camera dya use? How much lighting do you have??

I need some tips cos Im building up my portfolio and need some good quality focused pics....Christie, your pics are superb quality....how you do it?! lol!!

Hi, I have to echo Layla on this one because I love your photos Christie - both for their content and the quality of the actual picture.I am playing with the idea of a new camera for my birthday in a couple of weeks and dont know much about all this 'digi-stuff':huh:.I was told that for nails I'd need a macro lens and that the clarity all comes down to the amount of pixels you have.So how many pixels would I need to have to take pictures like that Christie? If I dont go for the camera option there are two other C's I'm playing with - a new computer or some juicy carats :D well it is my 40th ;)
I have a dig camera...(its actually my sisters not mine!!)..it just doesnt pick up any detail!!! Which really frustrates me!! It's a Concord camera, 2.0 Megapixels...and...its not v good! lol! Well, it jus fails on the detail thing, I have taken some decent pictures of hands and stuff with it, but when I go to take a picture of my nails.....it jus doesnt happen!!! It comes out all blurry!! :gun:

Hi Gloria, I got a Fuji Digi Cam for my 40th it has 4 megapixels and it does good photos.

I think the secret is to get them in really good sharp focus then zoom in once they are on the computer. Well that's what I do.
I have a Canon Powershot... it only has 1.2 megapixels but it has a macro option for close ups... I'm really happy with it... good price too.

what is the ideal light source? should i use a flash? natural light? or artificial light?

I have a kodak 3.1 digital camera with a macro setting. I have read that for pictures that you are going to post online anything over 2.1 is wasted, the computer will not pick it up.
I would suggest that you get a middle of the road digi camera and really learn how to use it. Read all the directions. There will probably be a macro or close up setting. So of course..this will take better close ups.
Light is very important. But too much light will make huge glare...flash also just washes out the pic. So you need bright, indirect light.
I recently bought an inexpensive little tripod. This really helps for close ups.
You can also do research on the internet on how to take good close up pictures.
jus realised my camera does have a macro lens...i think i need to work on distance and lighting.

Thnx Christie :D

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