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Jan 19, 2015
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Hi everyone! Im a beauty therapist and been working in salons for 11 years, i had a two year break, had a baby, whilst on mat leave i invested in some products and started up mobile and working for myself. I built up a few clients, mainly friends and family but was enough for me to juggle in the eveings but was later approached by a friend who asked if i was intrested in working in her salon while she left to Go travelling! I agree'd and we did a 50/50 split on the takings, i love being back in a salon but the clients i built up won't travel to me at the salon as its a bit further out so ive been doing exsisting clients of the salon's. 18months later and i've come to realise the salon is just not in the best location for me and isn't particularly busy, especially now my friend is back working, theres just not enough clients to split between the two of us. I've tried to advertise and market, do refer a friend deals etc but i've not had much luck, also my friend has other things in the pipe line and i think she's hessitant to invest into the salon at the moment how id like her too, which js obviously her prerogative but mean while im struggling! I'm scared but at the same time really want to find a new salon to work in, maybe rent a room instead of doing a split on takings or do a better split in my favour as ive found it hard to have any money to show for it once ive stocked back up etc! Would anyone mind sharing their experiances with me renting a room for the first time and how you set yourself up. Do you work soley under your own name or under the salon's name? Thanks in advance everyone!! Xx
As a salon owner I wouldn't rent you a room doing what we do and those that do it seems to be fraught with problems.

I'd look to rent a room somewhere different - hairdressers, gym, golf club. This way there's no grey area. You work under your name, they're your clients and you use the products you want to. You holiday when you want and go home when you want. Do remember that rent and bills are payable 52 weeks of the year so you do need to budget for that.

Good luck

Vic x

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