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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

I want to in future not only master all systems l&p gel fabric silk but want to be able to offer customers choice of product .

For me different product produce different nails is not only the nail tech so i think if lady like creative she will come back to salon and want creative but if she like the look and feel of ezflow we can service with what she want .

i will run 3 products i already choose ezflow as 1 of them i am think of send for tammy tayler is there anybody use this product b4 i see in japAN is creative ezflow and tammy tayler in all the magazines the number 1 nail techs use in salons .

if you use or try tammy tayler wehat you think of product

Thank you mui from Thailand
Mui, the only point I would make about each tech using 3 different products is that each product works differently in terms of mix ratio. You may find that the nails may not be as consistently good as the tech may always get the ratio wrong. Some require primer and some don't, some require the primer to be wet when the product is applied etc.

It would be much better to find a product range which gives you all the different types of nails you require.
sawasdee ka fiona

Thank you for post and i understand what you speak and is good .

This is what i want to do and i know will take time but is for future .

If i can use very good Creative ezflow tammy tayler and service customer my customer will have choice what products nails them have .

When i look photos of nails professional nails tech from products not look same but all very beautifull .

I wish that if have customer live phuket and them like ezflow them not go another salon because i can make but if them like creative tammy tayler them come because i can do .

So i can give customer the nails them like and want the pink /white from different company is not same same .

This is only for future that why i want to try products now i know you speak about powder and liquid company different but i hope i can do .

for a tech to use all system and use number 1 products very good i think is very very good for me and i have long time for make this happen i only young .

I not sure if can have certificate master in more then 1 product but if can what you think about tech is master creative master artist ezflow and master tammy tayler is very good i think sure .

In Thailand we now make big beauty show now and them speak goverment spend big money make Thailand number 1 beauty show in the world by 2012 so have many model nail to do maybe i can work with them maybe can not is how good i can learn .

sometimes i make mistake but this i want to try is my idea if i wrong no problem because i learn some thing by mistake .

Thank you fiona mui from Thailand
Hi Mui

We only have one distributor here in England for TT and I can't comment on using the products myself. However I have had a set of them on myself. They use a spray sanitizer, a dry cuticle stone to remove cuticle on plate, a 100 GRIT to ETCH the plate (before you ask I know not to use anything less than 1200 on your natural nail and yes it did hurt, why didn't I say anything? I was too shocked!), a primer and when applying the product it seems/looks quite wet. I only had them on for a week, I removed them myself as I'm a trained nail technician and my nails are terrible/sore. This is not down to the products I'm sure and I can't say all TT trained technicians follow this routine. You say that different systems give different looks, however I'm sure you could choose one system and recreate all the looks from that one system. It just seems extra expense buying from different ranges.
Hi mui

I agree with all of the above we have all three types of systems in our salon 1 type of L+P 1 of fabric and 2 gel systems. I have found that if you find a product and are happy with it then stick with it. L+P may suit one client gel another so instead of confusing matters try and stick to one brand of of L+P one of gel ect (ps i use 2 gels because i use biosculpture for natural nails and LCN for sculpting). If you have a problem client it may not be the product it may just be that that particular system dosent suit them or their lifestyle. Take myself for example i wear sculptures because i have my hands in water a lot and tips just dont last on me also i am clumsy and i crack them........so......... i have wasted money in the past swapping and changing its really not worth it..
Hope this was helpful...... a little long winded i know .whew.... :rolleyes:
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