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Jan 11, 2012
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Hi there, hoping someone can suggest a spray tan solution with a very dark guide colour?

I regularly spray a group of teenage girls who are all into TOWIE and want to walk away looking really dark after the initial spray tan. I've used several different solutions but they constantly want 2 or 3 coats just so the guide colour looks dark. I've explained that this is the colour they wash off after 12 hours and doesn't represent the finished colour but for some reason they aren't happy unless they're chocolate brown / tango colour (depending on your viewpoint!) and are obviously much darker.

I'm not bothered too much about quality or fade-off as they constantly smother themselves in self-tanning lotion and patches are a way of life for them, but I'm looking for a cheap alternative with a very dark guide as I don't want to keep spraying expensive solution on them like it's creosote!

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful!
have you tried white to brown that has a dark colour i had a client who wanted to be really dark so i mixed white to brown and fake bake and they loved the colour give it a go and see what you think :biggrin:
LA Tan has a double dip guide colour so will do the job your looking for and their offers make the tan very good quality.
La disco tan definatly!!!!!x
I would second LA Tan Disco
These are fantastic, thanks. I'll get samples and give it a go...

Thank you all for your help! Now I just need to get them to pay me the right amount at the time when they actually have the tans and I'll be all set! :rolleyes:
You have made your mind up but will definitley third LA disco. it has really dark guide colour.

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