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Oct 19, 2011
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'Tis the season to talk about safer tanning. There's no doubt about it, many of us are still not tanning safely. We know the risks, but many of us are still not entirely happy to rely on bake-at-home tans, and if we do go in the sunshine, we're still not arming our skin with the appropriate defences. Fake Bake, the company that's been offering tanning alternatives for over a decade, has a renewed mission this year: the "Save Your Skin" campaign.

They've joined forces with Peter Andre, Tess Daly, Coleen Rooney and Aldo Zilli to relaunch the renowned charity and education programme "Save Your Skin".

Fake Bake has been very committed to raising awareness through charity work and has used it's status as one of the industry's front runners (it was famously voted No.1 self-tanner by the New York Times) to make a difference and educate people on skin cancer, how to practice safe tanning and how to look after the skin while enjoying the sun. With over 30 products in their range, not to mention the thousands of other self-tan choices out there, there seems to be little reason for anyone to be taking unnecessary risks. And that's what "Save your Skin" is all about.

And it's not just us 'grown ups'. More and more young girls are trying to emulate the tans they see on the TV and in magazines by getting into tanning beds, often illegally. Fake Bake have launched a new teen tan range that is hoping to be a safe, affordable and effective way to discourage tanning-bed teens.

Annoyingly, it seems companies still think we need famous people to tell us what to do (even more annoyingly, some people do!) Peter Andre, Fake Bake's poster boy says, "I have always loved to have the healthy glow of a tan - it's brilliant that Fake Bake are committed to using their renowned name in the tanning industry to make a difference and to educate the public on methods of safe tanning. It's so important to encourage the use of suncream, tan in a bottle and the disuse of sun beds which are known world-wide to dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer. It's a fantastic campaign and I'm very proud to support "Save Your Skin 2012"'.

Sandra McClumpha, Fake Bake CEO, states it simply: she just wants to reduce the number of cases of skin cancer. "This year's "Save Your Skin" campaign is going to be the biggest and best yet and it is a cause extremely close to my heart. Skin cancer is a preventable disease so if we only save one life through the Fake Bake campaign, we've done our job."

And that's not all. This year, Fake Bake are partnering with RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust), a charity that carries out pioneering research into practical and affordable ways to save and repair skin. Dr. Nick Kassouf, a Post Doctoral Research Scientist at RAFT says, "Melanoma is the second-most common cancer in young adults aged 15-34 and worryingly individuals in this age group may be those who will want to appear more tanned...Alternatives to sunbathing such as spray tans in a salon can be expensive for young adults therefore applying fake tans as a cream represents a safe, affordable method while still obtaining the tanned appearance that many in this age groups desire."

The "Save Your Skin" campaign endorses all safe tanning products and aims to educate on the affordable and effective tanning alternatives out there. They are relaunching this month to coincide with May's Melanoma Month in the UK.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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