Tanning issues with Helia TS50 gun, driving me mad!


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Jan 31, 2012
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sidcup, KENT

I just had my first two spray tan clients come round my house tonight, nerve wracking!!!!

I have practised spray tanning with my machine before but only twice on my husband and I thought it came out well but took me a while to figure out the settings on the gun and I'm still not really sure. At work I spray tan my boss every week so get lots of practise but the machine is completely different and we use ST Tropez but at home I have been using LA Tan.

Just wanted to run though the issues I had tonight so I know for next time. The first lady I set my gun between number 2 & 3 and on horizontal spray pattern and stood about 10inches away, I noticed that quite a bit of over spray was hitting the chest area, so I turned gun down even more and continued to spray without a problem. I did dab down the chest area with a mitt but after the tan I kept looking and thinking she looks a bit darker in that area and even a bit green, I'm just hoping that when she washes in the morning all will be ok.

The second lady I set the gun to horizontal again and turned the dial down even further between 1 & 2 because I was worried about the over spray I had with the first lady. This time I had no over spray but felt I was possibly giving her a really light tan as couldn't really see it going on but it was 7pm at night and was doing it in my conservatory with only a floor standing lamp on, she came out looking ok but not looking like I tanned her either, so again I'm hoping that it does develop darker enough and turns out ok.

This spray tan gun is driving me mad with all its settings, I read that you should have it on number 4 but when I turn it up to that it just creates so much over spray and is too powerful. I was also told to have it set to horizontal even though I spray vertically, I'm so confused. The one I use in work is so much simpler with none of these settings.

Please advice needed, worried that I messed up these tans.

thanks x
My gun doesn't have settings just a dial but I would advice you to get some couch or even kitchen roll and trial your gun settings on that and when you get it right stop messing with it!

You should have very little over spray!

I spray my clients very lightly as there's nothing worse than a wet looking tan and a wet tan is just wasted product as it's the guide colour sitting on the skin which will just be washed off, so think of it as profit being wasted?

If the tan went green in areas she must f had something on her skin, wether it be perfume, deodorant etc. this should was off fine and be a normal colour when done so.
Try your gun verticaly aswell my gun is set to the same angle I spray I think this May help you quite a bit but just practice on couch roll you'll soon feel at ease with it.

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