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Sep 13, 2007
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Seaham / North East
Hiya Geeks!

Has anyone done the Tantrick training?

Am just wantin to know what its like. I am doing it at York (when they get back to me to arrange a date) and just want to know what its like just they said its only 3hr training!

Can you learn every thing in 3hrs?

thanks xxx
There are loads of geeks on this site who have had Tantrick training. If you do a search, you will find plenty of threads on this tanning system.
Hi there

I did the Tantrick training with Laura in Market Harborough in April this year. It lasted about 4 1/2 hours. Laura was brilliant, covered absolutely everything and gave us contact numbers if we got stuck later down the line. She even let us practice getting the tent up and down! There were only 2 of us training on that day so you can see you're not fighting for the trainer's attention.

I've done loads of tans since and not experienced any problems. Make sure you practice on friends and family before you go on the paying public - I used to charge £5.00 for this to cover my solution costs.

Hope this helps
Hi hun

Just posted a reply in your other thread too!

I was airbrush trained so found the HVLP system easy :)
The training was done with me in my salon (an offer at the time) & took a morning.

It was fun to do & everything was well covered (including me lol).

Jen and Sass (Nail FX and Sassy Hassy) are both Tantrick trainers, I'm sure neither would mind putting your mind at rest of you pm'd them :D
Hi Gemma

I am sure you must be getting excited and can't wait for your training and kit, I remember being in your position many years ago myself! The Tantrick training is thorough and informative covering all the theory and practical you will need to know to have a good understanding of spray tanning and all that is involved in it. You should be feeling confident in the treatment you will be providing as this will instill confidence to your clients and keep them coming back to you as a properly trained tech.

We do suggest that you may need up to 6 models to practice on following your initial training, generally you will not be short of volunteers who can in turn be your initial form of marketing so choose them wisely! :lol:

You can always go back to your trainer or come to us for advice or support following your training.

The Tantrick training is accredited and is highly regarded by Woodgate and Partners who are the providers of insurance for the beauty industry.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

what a long way you have come Gemma in such a short time hey...well done and thanks for all your support:hug:
He he... i forgot i posted this...

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