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Jul 21, 2010
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I purchased a second hand tan truth machine to use as a start up for my spray tan business. Tonight was the first time i have used it as i only qualified on monday.

Well...... im destressed! All i can say is thankfully i only did my mothers tan! it turned out awful. Although when i did my tan on the girl at my course it was perfect (even if i do say so myself). At the course we used the He-Shi Machine.

Im now thinking i should have invested in a good quality machine like the He-Shi one. What is everyones views on this? Anyone else have problems with their tan truth one?

The product ended up running down my mums legs and it is all patchy!!!!

I can't offer this service as professional if it is going to be like this. Is it the tools or the therapist? do you pay for what you get from a machine?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
hiya, i have the sunlabs machine which i think is the same model as the tantruth one cause I done my training with tantruth and its the exact same looking machine... i personally turn the pressure right down by the little knob on the top of the machine and adjust the spray gun so not too much solution is coming out.. it does take a bit of getting used to... but I myself was wondering whether the tantruth machine is as good as the HVLP 5008.. if anybody could shed some light too that fab??? obviously too, don't stand too close to the client either.. if u need to chat, feel free to pm me xx do u have the 100 watt machine???

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