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Nov 15, 2007
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Are you a believer or non believer?:confused:
Are you a believer or non believer?:confused:
I dont know what I think tbh,Ive never tried and until I do I wouldn't like to say.I know there are a lot of fakes out there though and these should be shot(not literally:lol:)

My friend had it done yrs ago and everything the lady told her has happened,but for me I would like to see the results on myself before I decided either way.
total believer.

I've had my cards read every year now, and its just great to hear a little snippet of what is going to happen.

what I tend to do is write everything down that I was told (I've got a special book for it) and then a few times a year I get it out and read the past sessions to see if any of it fits.

a big problem when you get your cards read is that you want everything to fit immediately, so you try and squeeze situations to fit. I don't do that, I tend to just get on with life and hope that some of the things mentioned do come true.

I have been told that to achieve in this new room I really need to work at it and not sit by the phone expecting it just to happen. but could be successful for me.
I definately believe in it.... However, there are a lot of fakes out there who will take advantage of people who are at a low time in their life.

I have had my cards done several times over the years, and tend to know a fake when I see one. Having had them done so many times I can now recognise many of the cards, so I look to see if what is said by a reader matches what I see on the cards. (this doesn't mean that I can read them by the way, only that I have a very slight understanding of the meanings).

I have had some fantastic tarot readings in the past, I often consult a psychic or tarot reader. In fact I've started trying to learn tarot again and am learning the cards as we speak. Had them sat in a box since I was 18 and have been advised a couple of times to learn them as am intuitive and seem to have a connection - :confused:When I get a spare hour here and there.
I am glad I am not alone, I am a believer, and yes, it is true that there are fakes, (very bad) out there.

I feel it is strange when over the years, tarot or psychic readers come and say the same thing.

Self employment is for me, and to use the gift of healing, at first I was like yeah yeah!! but a few years later, I had two reading in one year, and both said exactly the same thing.

Now I am slowing plugging on with a mobile business.:) See what happens!!
Hi girls,

I'm a total believer as I can actually read the cards and I do readings for people. I also give mediumship readings where I connect with spirits. If you saw me, I look completely normal (well, sort of!! :rolleyes:) but, what I mean, is that I don't walk around looking like septic peg!!! I'm a hard-working wife and mum but I found this gave me a bit of an escape.

I started a Spiritual Awareness course whch basically teaches you how spirits communicate with us and I just went on from there. It is very interesting although you do come across people that would believe the sky was green if you said a spirit told you!!!

I think it can really help some people to put a bit of focus and direction in their lives but the one thing that people should remember is that they are just coloured cards!! It's how the reader interprets them. If you don't believe what is said then they're still just cards and we still have free will.

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