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Oct 6, 2003
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I'm new to this industry.
The school i'm gonna be training with has advised me not to file the tip to blend it with the natural nail, but to use nail solvent and gently rub it away.

Any advice?????

I have tried it a few times and the tips feel unsecure :? :?

Please Help me

Love Carrie xxx
Tip blenders are like having a bike with stabilsers LOL - if you dont actually learn the techniques to ride the bike then you will always need stabilisers - not a good look when you are on your bike at 40 LOL.

You need to learn how to blend tips, either off or on the nail - if you need to do a client with very small nails and the well of the tip ends up over the cuticle what would you do if you dont know how to pre blend a tip.

If you have not committed fully to your course then I would advise rethinking your training establishment to somewhere you dont need those stabilisers all the time.
I was originally taught to use a tip blender (acetone), and I wished I had learned properly from the beginning. I felt like a beginner when I used it on clients!

I never need it now, but I do buy good quality tips which has made a huge difference to the speed of blending. I understand that if you do an NVQ it is not used - that must tell us something?
Hi Carrie,

I use NSI elation, there are two types, natural, which does need blending in or clear which does'nt.

We were shown to blend in with a file, no acetone or any other chemicals, just the ol' file. Then they brought out the clear, needless to say i'm on the clear as there is no blending in BUT I'm glad i was shown how to do it, learn to blend in tip first, that way you've got the best of both worlds
fire Collette fire
Thanks for the replies.

I have taught myself how to blend with a file and I did think it was a bit weird.

I think I will stick what I know.

Any more advice about anything would be very helpful.

Love Carrie xx :D
Did you know???

In the Nail Technician's Code of Practice - did you know there was one?? - available from the INA - It specifically does NOT recommend the use of tip blenders for professional nail technicians.

Use skill not short cuts!!
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