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Jan 9, 2003
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Here is a collection of some technotes that are pretty darn useful. though I have not written the content, I thought it worth including in the content of the site.

In order to read some of these articles, you may need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. Acrobat Reader is a very useful and standard program for reading PDF files on the internet. You can download it by clicking here

Being prego in the salon
One of the most common concerns for female Nail Techs is what to do when you are expecting that bundle of joy from Mr. Stork.

Here is a document from Doug Schoon addressing any concern you have being a professional nail tech whilst having a bun in the oven (thats 'being Pregnant' to you city folk).

Overexposure and allergic reations

Pesky Allergic reactions got you down?

Check out this technote from Doug Schoon that discusses allergic reactions and then I would recommend doing a search on the site for overexposure and/or alleric reactions.

Crack me up!

This is a superb lil tid bit by (who else writes these technotes?) Doug Schoon on a subject that could make your break your business (HA! I Kill Myself!)

To Formaldehyde or not to Formaldehyde?

This technote, brought to you by (who else?) Doug Schoon goes into the difference between DMU and Formaldehyde in natural nail strengtheners.

DBT doo da, DPT day...

Here is a quickee that I found lurking around my system that addresses some of the really stoopid issues regarding phthalates in enamels.
The Schoon wrote this awhile back to address a couple of scare mongers.

Avoiding Allergic Reactions With UV Gels

Here is another Technote from Doug in Word format on avoiding allergic reactions to UV Gels.



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