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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
If, like me, you work from home, then presumably you don't have a "waiting area" like a salon would have. What, therefore, do you do if one client arrives early, before you have finished the previous one?

I don't book mine in all that tight together, I like to leave 15 minutes or so in between, but the other day, a client arrived late and before we could finish, she next lady arrived a full 10 minutes early . . . and rang the doorbell just as I was about to start the polish procedure. I apologised, said I'd be a few minutes, and asked her would she mind waiting in her car. She said she didn't mind and indeed, I don't think she did. (specially seeing as she was early). Even worse though, it was raining so she had to get even wetter going back to her car and then coming in again :o

It just made me think, what do you do?

Would it have been better to ask her in to the room where I was carrying out the rebalance on the other lady? :rolleyes:

The family were in the other downstairs room (apart from the toilet lol) so what else could I have done with her?

The lady who does my waxing from her home puts a note on her front door saying "treatment in progress" and you just sit and wait till somebody emerges - does anyone do this?

Or maybe I should get some chairs in the hall :lol:
this happens to me occasionally ( as i run a very tight schedule!)

I just pull up another chair - get o/h to make a nice tea/coffee/juice etc and try to find something light and topical to talk about between both clients as i finish off.

THen when the intial client has left i appologise for the slight delay.

I have to say i dont 'like' being in the position but i wouldnt make them sit in the car, spose it depends on the treatment being carried out !

I have my hubby take them in the kitchen with a cuppa if its waxing!


amb x
I either do the same as Amber and grab another chair...introduce them (if they don't already know each other..:lol:) and Rob gets them a cuppa. Or as many have now been coming for a few years and got to know my family well they just take themselves off to the lounge or kitchen and chat to rob or the girls.

It all very relaxed ... they can go take a nap if they wish...:lol: x
If it is somebody I see regulary, then i would welcome them in and tell them to make a brew while i finish off lol,
they are only too happy to,
If it was a new client, i would bring them in, introduce them, and open conversation..
But im lucky i can see whos calling from the window, so that gives me time to say " oooh heres such a such, you dont mind if i let her in do you, shes a little early"
I have a large sofa in my salon so I just do the same as above and get HUbby to supply the tea. More often than not the waiting client gets talking to the current client and chatting about what they have had done to their nails,art etc. I generally end up with some extension sales from it!!!!!!
I have a little sofa in my nail room so any overlapping clients can wait on there, I do have the same ones turning up late and early all the time so they are used to a little wait. plus they talk which gives me a break from chatting and I can get my head down and finish quicker xxx
I have a little waiting area with one seat so clients that arrive early can wait there. I try to leave a 20 ish minute gap between clients or 25 mins if its a chnge from pedicure to manicure as everything has to be removed from the salon! It is only small!

I would ask in future that the client comes in and takes a seat by you, if the other client didnt mind!

I have a my dining table and chairs in the corner of my conservatory the rest of the room is my salon! It's a big conservatory so there's enough room.
If a client comes early or I've got more to do than planned and run late, then my family usually let my client in and they pull up a chair and I introduce each other if they don't know each other, and we all have a chat about anything and they look at each others nails!
I hate it when clients are early as much as I hate it when clients are late without som much as a quick phone call.
I'm a stickler for time keeping and I always arrive on time to my appointments - hair, docs, dentist etc.
My nail room isn't very big so I don't have room for an extra chair in there all the time, I bought a fold-up chair to keep in the cupboard in the hallway so if anyone does appear early they can sit and have a cuppa in the room with us while I finish off. It was only £4.99 from morrisons but is quite comfy. x

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