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May 12, 2006
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Hi,im wanting my teeth made white, the one i want is with the blue light you see on the american TV dont know what they call it but they all seem to have a lovely smile.
I live in lincolnshire and wanted to know if anyone knew where they would be a professional dentist that di this treatment or the nearest to me.i know its not cheap but willing to pay for proper treatment,any advice would be great thanks xx
They use a tooth whitening system at my dental practice, which is called Zoom.

I haven't had the treatment myself (yet, but may do in the future), but have seen a couple of people who have and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

Although expensive, you ought to be aware that the treatment is NOT permanent. Don't get me wrong, it does last a long time, but it does have to be re-done and it can also make your teeth and gums very sensitive.

Here's a link for you, which although a bit cheesy, does tell you what you need to know:

Zoom Whitening - About Zoom!

Perhaps you can find a private practitioner in your area who offers this type of service, Zoom or otherwise. The Thomson Local or Yellow Pages is a good place to start, unless you can get a personal recommendation from someone you know, which IMO, is always better.
Hi thanks for the link i will have a look,Thats what i thought if i put the question on here someone may have had it done and advice me thats what im hoping for.Wish i could remember what its called its like a UV light shining into ya mouth iv heard it could be around £400 but could be wrong.Going to look at zoom now thanks x
Aww just had a look its USA the website x
Oh right ill look again thanks x
Iv had a look round to see if who does the Zoom method but theres not alot in my area but i still would like your views on it if any please? x
hi major I am soon to have a system called deep bleaching.it guarantees you will have shade 1 or you get your money back.Its between 400-500 depending on where you go.type deep bleaching into google should come up. hth:hug:
Hey thanks this sounds better then the Zoom thanks but theirs still no one near me:cry::cry:
If you go to see your dentist they should be able to offer you a system.
This involves moulds being taken and you use the products at home.
I found that they did whiten my teeth but gave me horific pains and sensitive teeth though.
This is the one I used. hth
polanight | pola - advanced tooth whitening system

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