teeth whitening???


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Jan 14, 2008
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dublin ireland
hi guys does anyone know of a good teeth whitening company, that also provides training, I'm thinking of maybe adding this to my list of services,
I would look into them all very carefully, the government is now saying that it is illegal for therapists to carry out this treatment, only qualified dentists are allowed,
there was something in the guild magazine about it a few months ago, maybe another geek will have more info
Yes, only dentists are allowed to use proffessional whitening products, it must have a curtain amout of peroxide in it to truly work, other treatment only remove build-up of stains etc, at the dentist I worked, who performed this treatment, it was a lengthy process and it cost around £500.I think its best left to the pro's.
thanks guys, i didn't know much about this, but maybe your right it might be more hassle then its worth :)
i was looking but too be honest its totally not worth it leave it too the pro's (dentists) as there is so much that can go wrong if not done properly, it has been in the news and papers alot lately and its not all good either x
Hi Geeks

Take a look at my post on here today under 'smilequest - teeth whitening' - I think this might be the answer for you!


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