Temporary attachment of nails on models


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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
I've been flicking through one of my old magazines (probably 'Nails' but can't swear to it) and came across an article which mentioned that the 'Untouchables' were the ones that came up with the method of temporarily attaching nails to models (for pictures/catwalk etc.) which were removed easily (and I would imagine, also quickly) without damaging the natural nail.

Is there anybody out there who can share the secret with me? I need to take some pictures of different nail art tips on models hands, and there's no way the people I know will let me apply the lengths and designs I need to photograph! :?
Ok Babe had a thought ............
Why not try double sided sticky tape................
so you would create a complet nail, as in whole nail is covered not just half, as in tip application...........
Then double sided sticky stuff, well it works for blue peter...............
Then you can remove it easy and painfree and no nasty nail damage either......
just a thought
love Ruth xxxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Well it works for blue peter...............

*L* Thanks for that idea, Ruth (methinks you had a mis-spent youth!) I'll certainly give that a try. I suppose I should use full well tips for something like that and just 'customise' the size once ready to 'stick' onto the models nails.

If anyone does know 'The Untouchables' way, I'd still be very interested in finding out!

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