Testosterone gel used over a spray tan


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Aug 19, 2010
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Burgess Hill
Morning all

I have a client who has to use Testosterone gel as his hormone levels are on the low side. I use sunless solutions for spray tanning, and I have asked my client to check with the doc that it is ok and won't alter the meds. But the doc doesn't know if it would are not.

As a precaution I have asked my client to wear swim shorts so at least they have total bare untanned skin to rub the gel in.

I always err on the side of caution with anything like this, but would imagine that using any topical meds over a spray tan would still be absorbed by skin.

Anyone know of this please?

Sian Rogers

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Any comments or knowledge please?
I beleive there wont be any problem as its atopical (applied on to skin)

Saying that though, you may find that the area where the gel is applied could be dry and flaky - ask your client where he applies it or does he rotate the site and I would say moisturise if dry over the area

:)Hope this helps
Thanks Teresac, I know the gel is applied to the skin & rubbed in etc. My concerns were if he had an all over spray tan could it put any form of barrier over the skin to prevent the meds from being absorbed? Even the Doc doesn't know. He has to rub the gel either into the top of either thigh or groin area. There isn't any flaking or dryness on his skin from the meds.

I'm going to get in touch with the spray tan company I think and ask them direct. Will post my findings here once I know.

Many thanks
Sian Rogers

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