Tan horror!

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Ok so ... client can for a tan (prom) ... never been to me before so as usual sent all of the pre tan prep instructions ... day of tan I applied barrier cream knees elbows, backs of feet etc she also had a small patch of psoriasis on her arm which I creamed ... I ask her what shade she would prefer to be (she’s very very pale and wearing a rose gold dress) she has been told be her mum she needs dark ... I advise against dark and encourage her to have my tan that develops deeper as the time goes on therefore choosing the chosen shade herself as I think a medium would suit her better .... she insisted on dark!
Client put on a vest top afterwards I advised her that once she got home to change into a T-shirt or loose top (this was in my instructions but ...!) she agreed tan was perfect and she left.

Next day angry mum at my door .... the tan had rubbed off pretty much entirely where her vest top was BUT had gone very dark all around the edges (she looked like she had been sprayed wearing the vest top) not only that on her chest/breasts were really patchy like the tan had really grabbed onto dry skin!

The Mum was angry as she has paid for “a professional tan & this was NOT what she had got” she said she wasn’t dark enough and she needed to “look like me” mum clearly uses sunbeds and was very very dark ... I explained that 1 my tans do not go that dark as they are all natural and that you could definitely see the tan. I had to advise her to try and remove the tan & give a refund

I am truly mortified! In over 10years I have never had anything like this happen! I’m not sure why I felt the need to post but I want to cry and I’m now so paranoid about tanning anyone again!!! I work from home so to have all of this happen inside my home has left me really unsettled. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen?

I know I have all of the correct ore& after care but gutted to have this happen especially to a young girl on prom day!!!


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I really feel for you. I too have learned the hard way

1. Never, ever let a client tell you how to do a treatment. They don't know what they don't know. You know your products, you have the experience.

2. Young women don't listen and they don't follow instructions. Never rely on them doing what they've been told. You need to be a bit firmer with your clients and be prepared to send them away in future without a treatment if you think they haven't done their part of the deal. Wrong clothes and inadequate prep should never end up as your problem ever again.

3. Always speak to your client. The client is the person who organises and pays, in this case the Mother. I have a few teenage clients and I always give pre and post treatment advice to the mother as well as the teenager.

4. Give yourself a break. It's the only way to move on. It's hard on the young girl but she's going to be fine. She's got an over tanned Mum - she's able to cope with a little embarrassment.

And don't worry. Everyone except this grubby, illiterate teenager knows dry skin causes patchy results, that tan development needs to be monitored and that poor clothing choices whilst the tan is developing will cause tan lines. Put a posting up on your Facebook saying that it is essential to follow your pre and post treatment advice in order to get the results expected and you will not accept liability if your instructions are not followed. Say that there will be a charge for wasted appointment time if you have to send a client away with inadequate preparation.

Hugs and booze make it better...


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Oh bless you! This was just “one of those” clients, definitely not a result of your work!! Don’t be afraid of the treatment, just try and think of all of the amazing treatments you have done and the lovely reviews. It’s so hard because we can have 10 fantastic reviews but that 1 bad one is the only thing we focus on!

Next time to cover yourself I would have mum present the whole time and have her sign the consultation card. The girl has obviously gone back and told her mum a different story.

These clients really annoy me, they have no respect for what we do and to be honest some people just go around getting refunds.

Be proud of your work and try not to let it get you down too much!
Maybe take some pictures of your next few tans and upload them to social media to show eveyone how amazing they are and you could ask them to give you a little review. This is what I would do <3
I hope you feel better soon


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I agree when the earlier comments.
I’ve turned a client away before who arrived wearing make up and skinny jeans!


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I can't stand clients like this, and your not alone. I have often sent away clients who have come for a spray tan and not even gotten there PREVIOUS tan of. I have tanned women in there 30s who should know better than to come to a spray tan app in gym clothes straight AFTER THE Gym and go home in the clothes needless to say I stopped spraying one woman in particular about a year ago I got sick of her not listening to my prep advice and continuing to show up in gym clothes with nothing else to put on if you have to stop tanning a client do so, we are a business making a name for ourselves doing what we love and we have the right to refuse clients.