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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Well friends, Simon and I are now back in Spain safe and sound!!

This message is really to thank ALL of the wonderful technicians who spent their time, money and talent competing with products from Creative Nail Design and fabric#!!! You did us so proud as always.

Every first place was taken by a Creative Master Technician!!! We never get blaze about winning and it is always a fantastic thrill for our team when we go home and tell them of your triumphs.

It is YOUR skill with the products that keep our name right up there at the top where it has been for more than 15 years now --- because of you our honoured professionals.

So thank you ... from all at Creative and Fabric# !!!
gigi i must say that if it wasnt for you and sam liza and everyone else then i would not have taken part in the competion and for coming 9th is not so bad as i said before i will be happy if i placed in the top ten and i did and all thanks to fabric its fantastic..............
take care hun and i look forward to seeing you real soon love to simon and chewy and my ben xxxxxxxxxxx

love faye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
But I thinks its important to remember that a great product creates great results........

If it had not been for the idea of one clever Lady (you) then we wouldn't be able to compete with a product that, even the judges thought was L&P.
So I take my hat of to you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well you know the phrase a bad workman always blames his tool, well here is a good Technician blaming her tools, for getting 3rd place in a L&P Competition enviroment.................

Thanks Hun

love ruth xxxxxxxxxx
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