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Dec 30, 2003
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Hi there

Thanks so much for the advice and info :D
I was actually thinking of looking for a magazine to find out more.
When i worked in childcare there was nursery world had parts on training/ working/ thing to do with kids/ what courses to go on and a section on jobs available or advertise as a nanny and so on...

I wonder if there is a nail magazine like this in the UK?
Would anyone know of any names so that i could take a look online as i know there are not an nail related magazines for sale in the shops here :(

Thanks again for ALL your help & Advice, really means a so glad i found this site! :D
Hi Again,
There are a few nail Mags for professionals, Nails is available via subscription, Its cost £36 for a year and is delivered monthly to your door :D The number to ring for this is 0800 328 1178.
Hope this helps :?
There is also a mag called scratch but i dont have details for it.
Pro Nails the new stand alone magazine, Subscriptions: 01371 810433
Scratch magazine subscriptions:020 8647 3133

have fun reading
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