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May 7, 2007
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Thought it would be interesting to see what everybody uses! Im a make up Junkie and have tried almost every foundation. But would be nice to hear if i have missed something special. :) My holy grail is Estee Lauder double wear.

What foundation do you swear by?
Or do you prefer a tinted moisturiser?
Any specific make up primers/balms you absolutely love?
Great thread!

I'm forever trying different ones, and to be truthful I'm still looking.:rolleyes:

Currently I'm using MAC liquid mineral foundation and concealer but I'm still on the lookout for something which doesn't emphasise those fine lines!
Have you ever tried mineral based foundation - like I.D. Bare Minerals or Jane Iredale? - I have always been a liquid foundation user but got worried that they all seemed to emphasise the lines. Mineral foundation took a while to get used to but I love it now. So do all my bridal makeup clients.
I am really lazy when it comes to makeup, but I tried the ID Minerals range and it is the mutts nutts. Really easy to apply and you just don't know you're wearing it. I knew I was onto a winner when my 21 year old daughter who is a makeup junkie tried it and said how good it was. I wouldn't use anything else now ... when I can be bothered to wear a foundation!
Don't you also find that the mineral foundations emphasise the lines too?

I have sensitive, sometimes dry skin and I tried out some mineral concealer around my eyes yesterday and it just made me want to scratch my eyes out!!:eek: Not only did the lines appear obvious but it really did itch unbearably.
Now you mention it, sometimes I do find it a bit itchy!
Ive used it and use it in the salon. Some people get on brilliantly with it. Personally Ive found that when it gets hot it makes me itch too.
yes my colleague said that too - but I have had clients with sensitive skin (broken capiliaries too) who says it calms things down
Ahh I wonder if thats a common problem with mineral make up? It's certainly not something I've ever suffered with before (oh except Avon:rolleyes:).

This may help me in deciding which brand(s) to stock for work.
yes my colleague said that too - but I have had clients with sensitive skin (broken capiliaries too) who says it calms things down

I suppose it would depend on what the cause of the sensitivity is - in my case it is always allergy based.:cry:
Hi ,,
Well I think the mineral foundation depends a lot on your age !!!!!

I tried the jane iredale and found that it REALLy showed up all my wrinkles :eek:. I also found that my skin reacted to this and did feel very uncomfortable ..

I have come to the conclusion after reading several posts about make up ( not just foundation but mascara too) that it varies a great deal between different people . In other words what suits one will not suit another

I really think you just need to keep trying till you find the one that suits YOU. For my skin ( the wrong side of 50 ) the best I have found for giving a nice even coverage and making my skin look smoother and more youthful is either Max Factor or Elizabeth Arden

i LOVE id bare minerals foundation! i will never use anything else! i use their foundation, concealor, well rested, warmth, clear radiance. i also have a couple of eyeshadows and blushers. i just love their make up! it's the best i've ever used!:green:
well since having my wedding make up demo by the benefit counter i am a total fan of their products!
I just love their Dr Feelgood, its a primer to wear underneath make up or even on top, it smoothes away any fine lines, and leaves my skin feeling really smooth and silky, it makes my skin really matte. Their foundation called Playstick is FAB!! It has concealer in too, it gives fab coverage without being too heavy.
I also use lots of other of their bits too!! Love em!! HTH!:)
id bare minerals for me too! its the muts nuts!!!! xx
my fav has to be Estee Lauder double wear i use the clarins instant smooth under it which is ace for smoohting lines and wrinkles before you apply your foundation.
At the moment its loreals true match, tried the mineral foundation but I just cant get to grips with the application of it!:eek:
I did use prescriptives foundation for ages, they match it to your skin tone and I had one that covered all imperfections, but I have to travel to the Capital to get it so havent got the funds at the mo.

I wish I could have a foundation that would meet my exact needs, rather than changing it every 3-4 months in search of one that I love!
I use Clinique Superfit foundation, I have incredibly greasy skin and this is the only foundation that lasts all day and doesn't slide off! I am going to promtly say that I do not use Clinique skincare products though because they are vile IMHO.
i very rarely wear foundation but when i do it has to be iman or sacha for me :)
No 7 stay perfect is excellent.
I love the Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation - great coverage and gives a 'glow'.

Have tried estee lauder double wear and found it too heavy for me.

I always use the smashbox photo finish primer under foundation. It was recommended to me for my wedding day to keep my make up in place and it worked fabulously. It plumps out all the fine lines and gives a smooth base for the foundation. Put my make up on at 1pm and finished with Mac Fix + and it was still perfect the next morning !!!

I know, I know, I should have taken it off but I had more important things to do :lol:

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