The best pre-designed tips?


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Oct 19, 2003
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Just wondered which brand of pre-designed tips you rated as the best?

I've heard some people say certain brands' designs scuff off quicker than others when blending. :|

I'd love to hear your comments the good and the downsides.

Thanks guys

Jenny - Nails x x x

I have been having problems with the Pro Impressions tips, I find that they are really brittle and tend to crack from the free edge down the tip in several places, am desperate to find an alternative to use.

Gina :(

I use the clear and white tips from NSI the white tips need no blending

I use the NSI nail tips - french and Natural elation tips. I've found that I like these.

I have also tried the star nails deep c nails and I don't get on with these at all.

Yvonne :)
Hi All!

I've know similar problems (length-way splits, free edge downwards) when I used to get my nails done by a technician who used Star Nails Ultraform tips to cut down on her costs.

However, I've never had any problems with the Feathertip and Nouveau (Natural and French White) tips I use. The Nouveaus blend brilliantly. The Feathertips are a little more difficult, but are an absolute must for nail-biters (they have a larger well-area). I get them from Supernail, but reckon you can only order them as a Backscratchers-trained technician. Doh!!

Anyhoo, have found one good use for Star Nails Ultraforms - Size 3s are great for sticking Blu-Tac behind and displaying nail art on!


G. x
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