The Edge Training.. What are your thoughts?


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Oct 26, 2010
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I was wondering what you guys think of the edge's Training courses.. i went about my first course completely the wrong way, i started with A nail Extension course as apposed to a manicure/Pedicure, but have seen one advertised through capital with the edge... but i was wondering if anyone had been on any with them and what they thought? I dont want to carry on doing their courses if they are a waste of time.

Also are there any you would recommend? Are the brand Courses better than generic NVQ's etc?

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I will not voice an opinion on the courses you mention but I will tell you this.

If two nail techs came to me wanting a job and one told me they had CND training and the other had an NVQ, I'd take the one with the CND training every time.

Creative Nail Design (CND) is the tops in the industry. Call them on 08452106060. The distributors, Sweet Squared, will happily give you course details with a trainer near to you.
I did an edge course wish I hadn't wasted my money products arn't great they dont tech you enuf!! I had done a milliniam course before which was pants (I was 15 when done that one & 16 when I done edge) tear later did creative course would never go back again was amazing and you got life time help after which is great!!! x x

I did all of my training with the edge and have stuck with them science.
I have tried other course and products ect. but always felt most comftable with the edge.
Maybe its just because thats what im used to.
I must admit they do have there ups and downs.
But personally i like the edge courses as the full course is just 1 0n 1.
I would defintly recomend to have a go and try them out.

Hi I used a lot of the edge products whilst at college and all I will say is you get what you pay for! Cheap and nasty! I would not waste your money training with them, try CND they are amazing!
I also used The Edge will training at college, I didn't like the products I felt they done more harm than good. I have done both CND and OPI training since and would recommend both.
Thanks for all of your responses guys!!:)

I did actually do an acrylic course with the edge, but seeing as im not experienced enough yet in this industry, had nothing to compare the training with, but since joining this site, i have learnt so much with regards to products, training and brands that i think its now safe to say.. i wasted my money with the edge!! i just wanted to get others direct opinions just to make sure.

The problems others have had with the edge products seem to match my own, i wondered at first whether it was just me, my lack of experience perhaps, but whilst yes this is half true, i do now feel that the brand is helping! especially as i went ahead and purchased a few products from NSI and find those so much easier to work with, and the results are so much better!

Thanks for your comments, i think i will definately look into CND and their training and scrap the edge entirely!!
If u already using nsi products and are getting on with them then y not train with then, they offer brilliant training and total support through your career as a nail tech. I trained with them and never looked back,fantastic products and training. Good luck whatever u decide

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