The Gel Bottle gel polish or Ink London ilac gel polish?


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I currently use CND Shellac on my clients and I'm looking to purchase a new stock of gel polishes to start using for extensions and I will use the shellac for natural nails manicures etc.

Which gel polishes do you prefer if you have used both?
The Gel Bottle
Ink London ilac?

Big decisions!!

And if you haven't tried either.. Which would you choose and why? What do you use instead?

Thanks everyone! X


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I ordered the gel bottle the other day, it came two days later so I was pleased with the delivery service. The bottles are HUGE which profit wise is great! The product looked good quality but am yet to find time to try! The pigment of the colour I ordered is flawless and not clear it’s a solid colour which is what I look for in a gel. The rubber top coat is super thick when it arrives but once it’s at room temperature it looks more pliable. I’ve not tried or heard of that ink London brand but If your interested in both I would invest a little and get one colour from each brand and base and top then wear them and see which you prefer. Hope this helps :)
Hi I have been using the gel bottle BIAB for the last 4 months now. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. This stuff is amazing, no lie. I use the rubber base coat under all my applications be it with extensions or their coloured gel polish. you don't have to use a base under the BIAB as it has a primer built in. No need for prep and wipe. Just cleanse nail bed with acetone. The removal is a dream aswell. Within 10-15 mins it just melts and can be pushed off the nail.


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Ahh that's great thanks for your replies!! Looks like I will be making a few purchases from the gel bottle!!
I currently use CND Brisa Gel for extensions and it is pretty time consuming to try and level it out and get the apex rigjt whilst trying to keep it thin looking so I will try the BIAB as it looks more user friendly!


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I'm not sure if this will be much help or not but I had the same dilemma as you a few months back and opted for INK (iLac) and I haven't regretted it. They have a fantastic range of colours which I find gives excellent coverage with only 2 coats. It lasts really well and is excellent value for money. Their Facebook group is very supportive too. Each order I've placed has come really quickly too. And their lamp is fab!

TGB also has a huge range of colours and they seem to last well too from. What I've heard, so it was a tricky choice but in the end the reasons I didn't go with TGB were it seems popular items are often out of stock.
Although people keep saying their bottles are excellent value, as they are 20ml bottles it costs nearly double the price of a 15ml iLac bottle so would be a huge outlay to set up and I'd be worried about less popular colours deteriorating if they didn't get used up quick enough.
There are also other threads on SG where NTs mention poor customer service which I must admit put me off.
Apparently, they will now only sell to new clients if they send proof that they are qualified, however they have stated they will still sell to all existing clients, qualified or not, so it's still a bit vague.

All that said, I was still intrigued by their BIAB (builder in a bottle) as i'd heard such good reports about it. 9 times out if 10 my clients have a hard gel overlay on natural nails and although I usually just file off their gel Polish and infill, I liked the idea of a soak off hard gel so I ordered one bottle of BIAB and their rubber Base coat (which I was advised to apply on top of the BIAB before applying a different brand of gel polish). I have to say I have been very impressed with the results! It really does live up to its reputation and My clients get no Lifting or chipping. I've also used it over fairly long tips and it also lasted really well. It's prone to heat spikes, but I get around this by curing for 5 seconds. Remove hand for a few seconds, then cure as normal and that seems to do the trick.
I have had a few orders with them and my products arrived quickly and correct. Also you can buy the rubber top coat and use that to build with if you prefer clear.